Hi! I'm Sharon. 

Growing up in the heart of North Carolina, I shared the dreams of many little girls who wanted to grow up to make a difference. Today, at only twenty-six years old, I am proud to say that I have created a brand that is far beyond my childhood aspirations. My former business partner, Kate, and I launched Frill Clothing during our junior year of college with our combined bank accounts. Five years later, we had our own office, employed fabulous team members, and are on the road to building an empire.

I’ve had the entrepreneurial spirit since I was a twelve, my parents would joke about how I would beg my mom to take me to the local craft store so I could make and sell beaded jewelry to anyone who could not resist my charms (get it?). In high school, watching reality shows like The Hills and The City, fueled my passion to work in the fashion industry. Day-to-day, when I was running a business: Checking e-mails, communicating with customers, overseeing the sorority accounts team, creating marketing strategies, speaking, mentoring, etc. Being an entrepreneur means my mind never stops, even when I am out of the office. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Fast forward to now. I travel the country and speak, mentor start-ups, build ecommerce websites, do photography, help coordinate weddings, read TechCrunch, seek out the latest fashion trends, and, of course, SHOP! The best, and most fun, way to connect with fellow fashion brands is to be a customer- it’s just research. I have a full-time job now at Cisco, but a business open under my name for all of my many side hustles. I never stop hustling. You can see I'm a woman who wears many hats. From twelve to twenty-six, my mind has been set on changing lives by doing what I love. I have been so fortunate to have an amazing support system that has kept me on track, and allowed me to become a success story. What are the first steps to success? Be kind, be focused, be different; and amazing things will happen.

Now let’s get started on YOUR story!


My Shark Tank Journey

In our third year of business we had this huge urge to really prove that Frill was not just a hobby. I was a huge fan of the show, Shark Tank, at the time and watched each episode religiously. In January of 2014, we sent in an audition video to the casting team. We thought we were sending it into the black abyss. Little did we know, we got a call back and aired on the show on March 6,2015! As #girlbosses, we were able to score an investment with Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O'Leary! We though the rest was history after that, but the ABC network loved us so much that they brought us on for a second TV show! We aired on the spin-off show of Shark Tank called Beyond the Tank on April 5, 2016!